Firefly: Fistful of Credits - Frequently Asked Questions

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The map on the Quick Set-Up sheet has two tokens in the wrong spot. The upper left room in the Engine Room section shows two tokens one space to the left of where they actually go.

All cards are discarded after use unless they specifically say otherwise. Hold-Out Pistol can be used twice before discarding.


Q: Can Inara move enemies through unlocked doors/lifts?

A: Yes.

Q: Inara's Silver Tongue Sidekick skill. "During your turn, any players may pass 1 card or token to another player." Does this mean everyone at the table can pass 1 card or token during your turn, or is this a typo and should read "any player may pass 1 card or token?

A: It is any/all players may pass 1 card or token to another player. The player with Inara doesn't have to be involved in the pass either. This sidekick helps the entire group.

Q: Does Zoe’s sidekick skill apply to all ammo used in a battle?

A: No, it only applies to the first unit used. If Zoe rolled a “4” and needed “9” to defeat a bad guy, Zoe’s player would expend 3 ammo The first ammo would be “+3”, the next two would be “+1” each.

Q: Zoe's Double Barrels Sidekick skill. "The first Ammo you spend increases the battle roll to +3. Any additional Ammo spent is +1.” Since any Ammo that any BDH uses increases their die roll by +1, does this mean that using Zoe's Double Barrels would increase her BDH's first Ammo use by +4, and all subsequent Ammo by +2?

A: It is only +3 and +1. Getting that +2 boost for the first ammo is very helpful as ammo can be scarce.

Q: What happens when BDH River rolls a “0”?

A: It is a zero. River can roll between 0-9 not 1-10.

Q: How does BDH Book’s ability work?

A: First, fill all available spawn spots with defeated enemies of the appropriate type. If there are any spawn spaces left to fill, see if book can fill them. If he can, nothing spawns there. If he cannot fill them use extras provided in the game to fill them. Book chooses which spawn spots do not spawn if he can prevent spawns.

Q: Simon BDH: Does this ability apply to enemies you flip over?

A: No. As Simon’s Shiny Skill describes, it only applies to enemies that are face-up.

Q: Kaylee's BDH Tool Belt skill. "Kaylee starts with 4 Gear cards and can carry up to 4 with her tool belt." Does this mean that her Sidekick gets to carry 2 Gear from the outset and that Kaylee keeps two in reserve (in Burlap Sack)?

A: All four gear cards are available to Kaylee. You can just place them adjacent to the first two gear cards.

Q: Simon's Doctor's Bag Sidekick skill. "During your turn, you can restore Health to any other player's BDH or your own." It looks like he gets four uses of this skill. Does this mean he can restore up to Full Health four times? Or just one point of Health on four different turns?

A: Simon's sidekick ability is one for one. So each point of health reduced off the Simon Sidekick restores one health to another BDH.

Q: Sidekick Simon's healing: There doesn't seem to be any limitations on this ability. He can heal one health to anyone -- even if they are in another room or on another level of the ship. Is that the intention? Or should there at least be line of sight?

A: That is the intention, you can use Simon's ability on anyone regardless of where they are.


Q: When an avatar enters a room with face-up hostiles (say the engine room of the Derelict). My understanding is that movement stops until the fight is resolved. No movement other than retreating is possible until the hostiles have been defeated. Is that right? Do we roll to possibly advance the timer on subsequent turns?

A: (Page 12 Under Line-Of-Sight Check) You only check LOS at the beginning and end of your movement. So, if you're quick you can start out of LOS, move enough to be out of LOS at the end of your movement and avoid combat. However, once you’re in LOS at the start or end of your turn, you'll have to fight on your turn until the enemy is defeated. You do roll the die to see if the timer advances, you still have movement points but you cannot use them since you're in a battle, and your turn will end when the battle is over. Retreating is a valid and important strategy in some situations.

Q: You pick one opponent to fight and resolve that one. Do you then fight the subsequent opponents in the same turn or is it just one fight per turn?

A: Your turn is over once any battle is resolved (Page 10 under battling), and it becomes the next player's turn. So if you enter a room with 2 baddies, you'll have to fight one (your choice) on the first turn, and assuming they are still present, the next one on your next turn.


Q: Train: Can the three jammers be separated in who carries them?

A: Yes, multiple players can volunteer to carry the jammers if they so choose to.

Q: Derelict: What happens when the scalper moves underneath a character in the LZ?

A: The scalper moves under the next player who is NOT in an LZ, if only one character is out of the LZ, the scalper remains where it is. The combat still ends.


Q: Sensor Amp: Can be used on locks?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I to interpret the "Effect lasts until after your next turn," when used in conjunction with the "Play Anytime?" If I pop the grenade on my turn -- then it lasts until after my next turn, but what happens if I pop the grenade on the turn of the player just before me?

A: The effects end after your next turn, If it isn’t your turn it will only last till the end of your turn. If it is your turn, it will last until the end of your next turn. So the best use is to set it off at the beginning of your turn. The worst use is setting it off right before your turn.

Q: Some equipment is clearly intended for specific scenarios. If you draw an equipment card that can't be used in the current heist, do you discard it and draw another? Or are you stuck?

A: Sounds like you drew a Key Card which isn't a key card in the Derelict scenario. You're stuck with what you draw. If you want to make it easier on yourself, you can houserule to redraw those.

Q: The rules specifically state that Equipment gear cards are one time use. Does this mean Supply and Arms gear cards can be used on subsequent turns if the card does not state it must be discarded?

A: Unless mentioned on the card (Browncoat or Hold-out Pistol), cards are discarded after use.


Q: First, do the different sections in the Derelict reduce the effect of Stun, Smoke, and Grizwald grenades? For example, if you set off one of those in the crew compartment, do they have any effect in the engine compartment, or visa versa?

A:Grenades effect the whole board.

Q:Both the Stun and Smoke grenades only affect face-up enemies. After setting it off, if you stop on top of an icon that turns out to be an enemy, is he affected once you turn him up?

A: The player revealing the enemy must battle the enemy, but after that the enemy is affected.

Q: If you are in a section being affected by smoke and you stop on top of an enemy, say one that was face-up when the smoke went off, are you still forbidden from battling him?

A: If the enemy was revealed before your turn, yes. If you revealed the enemy by flipping him, you will battle him.

Q: Can you use a Grizwald grenade in a compartment in which a smoke grenade was set off previously, or does the smoke prevent that as well?

A: The Grizwald grenade can be used. Using it is not considered battling.

Q:The Grizwald Grenade says "Instantly defeat any enemy within line-of-sight." Does this mean "instantly defeat EVERY enemy within line-of-sight" or "instantly defeat ANY ONE enemy within line-of-sight"?

A: Any one enemy.


Q: Double time: Do you count the timer shift that brought that card into play (basically, do you move the timer token down 2 from its original location or 3 total?)

A: It moves three spaces.

Q: No Grenades

A: Remove the word “equipped” all gear cards are equipped.

Q: Sidetracked.

A: Should Read: All players pass their Sidekicks, if any, to the left.

Q: Alliance Shakedown.

A: Add: Once the 2 crates are confiscated discard this card and confiscated crates.

Q: Folk Song: Whose health is being set to maximum and is it all or nothing? Do all players have to discard a collected token in order for all players to go to maximum or is each player discarding a token to set their own health to maximum. Could one player discard a token to set another player’s health to maximum? Also can Book discard collected enemy tokens to trigger the effect?

A: Should read: “All players may remove 1 collected token from the game to restore their Health to maximum.”

Q: Folk Song: Can Book discard collected enemy tokens to trigger the effect?

A: Yes.

Q: U-Day, do you have to wait until the next turn to do battle, what happens to your current turn? Can you move and play as normal if there were no enemies in line of sight prior to the event?

A: Correct, you may ignore those spawned enemies until the end of the turn.

Q: For Raiding Party, does Book stack his enemy tokens where he stands? Are other players allowed to collect the stacked tokens of another player?

A: Yes, Book stacks the enemy tokens as well. And, yes, other players are allowed to collect the stacked tokens of another player. Only Book can collected defeated enemies however.


Q: Can you retreat over unflipped tiles?

A: No, you must retreat over clear spaces.

Q: Can you retreat by going back and forth over the same two spots?

A: No, your retreat must end your retreat value in spaces away from the original space you were in. Note the direction is not relevant, so you could retreat “forward” if you wish.


Q: If I don’t want to do anything and I’m in the Landing Zone, do I need to roll to move?

A: Yes, you may trigger the timer even if you are in the LZ.

Q: Scrounging - When spending a turn to recover 1 Health, does the player still have to roll their D6 Movement die? I am assuming yes, although it seems quite risky to advance the timer on a 1 in 6 chance just to recover 1 Health.

A: Yes, you still have to roll to see if the timer moves.

Q: If I roll a 5 or 6 in the LZ, I both restore ammo and get a Crate card?

A: No, you must declare what you are scrounging for first.

Q: On the LZ - Is a player allowed to move freely on the LZ? For example, Zoe is on the LZ, scrounging for ammo. She makes her roll and recovers 3 Ammo. She was standing on the left-most edge of the LZ (it was the closest spot she could get back to on her previous turn). But after this turn of scrounging, she is going to head to the rooms on the right side. It would save her a couple of moves if she could start her exit from the LZ from the right-most edge of the LZ.

A: No, you may not move while scrounging.

Q: Someone in the LZ cannot be attacked by hostiles. Can someone in the LZ act as backup for someone else in the same room? At least in the Derelict there doesn't appear to be a wall blocking the way.

A: They can, but they will suffer the effects of losing.


Q: The rules state that the strength on the zone indicates the strength of the enemy spawned. Should only enemies of strength 8 spawn on level 8 spawn zones? Would this apply to initial setup or does that break the rules? What is the strength when spawning enemies in non spawn zones because of misfortune cards?

A: Yes, enemies of the same strength spawn on the matching spawn zones. So, during the course of play enemies of strength 8 will spawn on spawn zones marked 8. However, some initial setups won’t match, for example the Reaver Scalpers in the Derelict scenario.

Last updated: 03-31-16