Inside the Toy Vault: Our Current (and future) Contributions to the Glorious History of the d20

Thousands of years before the concept of "fun" was even invented, the 20-sided die – often referred to as a D20, but more officially known as an “icosahedron” – was used in civilizations in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt for purposes not totally clear to historians. Maybe it was used in games? Perhaps as a tool for oracles and in divination? They could have been symbols of status or simple curiosities? Maybe they were just fancy papyrus weights?

The d20 has been around for literally thousands of years, and was likely used for differing purposes. These examples, above, are courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art and represents examples of cultures from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

Hard to know, and honestly I have no clue. After all I'm just a simple vault rat, not a geometry historian (which according to Google is a real thing).

My great-great uncle Bubonic Nick used to tell me stories of first encountering 20-sided die in the 1980's while living in a small-town Indiana hobby shop. Scurrying across the trays of glittering, crystalline polyhedral dice was a pure joy. The colors and shapes were exciting and cool, though decidedly not very tasty. Around that time a lot of people were getting into roleplaying games and a set of dice were essential tools for any gamer, and so it seemed there was a never-ending stream of new D20's to checkout.

Uncle told me that in the early days of RPGs, dice often did not come from the store in a way that you could easily see the numbers on the sides. Part of the craft of playing RPGs was carefully filling in the numbers with crayons so they could be seen easily when they were rolled on game night. This process was part of the fun and allowed for an element of creativity - plus, who doesn't love the taste - err, smell of a nice crayon?

Mostly gone are the days of just basic, clear gemstone style dice. All kinds of colorful, wild styles are available for gamers to pick from as a way to express themselves through their hobby, and these days the number generally get filled in by the factories. Crayons are still tasty though!

Toy Vault has taken the beloved D20 to new places with its own version of “fuzzy dice danglers,” an absolute necessity to prove your cool gamer credentials while you're cruising down the highway. The bright red d20 danglers have been one of our most popular and beloved plush items for years! But then, just as the d20 has evolved over the years, so has this product...

Now, you didn't hear this from me, but as your rat-on-the-inside, I can confirm that Toy Vault is about to release a NEW version of the plush D20 danglers that are bigger and bluer than before! Stay tuned for more details on that. But okay, time for my 2nd mid-mid-afternoon snack!

Skrudz out!

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