The Gift of Cuddly Terror ... the Jabberwock!

Forget that elf that's up on that shelf - let’s talk about the 'wock that hangs out on your block!

Throughout it's history, Toy Vault has made a name for itself taking some of the greatest monsters from myth, fiction, and OH NO RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!! - ha, kidding! (or am I?) - and rendering them in cuddly, creepy plush, and one of their most classic and beloved monsters to be given the plush treatment has been the Jabberwock from the world of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Designed based off the original illustration by John Tenniel for the second book in the 'Alice' series, Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There, Toy Vault's Jabberwock plush features gangling, green neck and arms, complete with jaws that bite, claws that catch, and eyes of flame - just like in the book! Even if you're not super up-to-date with lesser-known sequels to classic Victorian-era children's literature, you may be familiar with this classic monster from its appearances in many films, television shows, comics, and other media throughout the years.

Toy Vault's Jabberwock plush features bendable appendages, stands 20" tall and boasts an impressive 23" wingspan (comparable to that of a sharp-shinned hawk for all your bird lovers out there), and is a great gift for the monster-loving or book-reading weirdo in your life, or for freaking out your cat. And wouldn't you know it - it looks like a big gift-giving holiday is coming up! Amazing timing on my part - a total coincidence, I swear!

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'Til next time!

-- Skrudz the Vault Rat

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