High Quality & well crafted toys

ToyVault has a large selection of games, toys, figures, plushies, etc... from largely popular product brands, such as: Cthulhu, Dark Crystal, Monty Python, The Princess Bride, and more!


New & Renewed Licenses

Toy Vault is always expanding its line of Plush and Toys! Look for new products from Paizo and The Jim Henson Company soon!


The Dark Crystal

One of Toy Vault’s most exciting licensing partnerships is with The Jim Henson Company! Look for products from Henson’s dark fantasy film The Dark Crystal in the shop soon!

The Labyrinth

One of the many Jim Henson licensed products in the Toy Vault catalog is the beloved musical fantasy film, The Labyrinth. Find Plush, and other items from this fan favorite film in the shop!


Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock is back and better than ever! Look for Toy Vault to produce new Fraggle Rock merchandise soon!

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